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5 Reasons Why MSPs Need Backup. Now.

Adding backup services can both complete your MSP suite and add to your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Here we detail five compelling reasons why MSPs need backup.
Why MSPs Need Backup
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Why MSPs Need Backup. Now.

COVID-19 lockdowns have catalyzed a massive growth in the adoption of SaaS platforms like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce. Your customers have moved en masse to the cloud for its phenomenal collaboration mechanisms, seamless scalability, and remote-friendly features. But their SaaS data is open to data loss due to malware, phishing scams, human error, sync issues, and/or malicious intent. All the more worrisome is that the shift to remote has meant that all their business-critical data is likely on the cloud. Vulnerable and lucrative to hackers. Apart from being your customer’s data saviors, adding backup services can both complete your suite as well as add to your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). Here we detail five compelling reasons why MSPs need backup, and why CloudAlly Backup offers the best Partner ROI.

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5 Reasons Why MSPs Need Backup. Now.

#1 Your Customer’s Data Is At Risk. SaaS Data Loss Happens Frequently

Losing data on the cloud is far more prevalent than one would expect. 80% of companies have experienced a cloud data breach. A mistaken click on a phishing link in an email, a device sync gone wrong, or unintentional deletion, are all it takes to wipe out or corrupt your customer’s valuable data.

#2 Ensure Compliance. Regulatory Laws Mandate “Recoverability”

Compliance laws like GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, CCPA, and Sox mandate that data protection is a “shared responsibility” and expect you to “restore the availability of and access to personal data, in the event of a physical or technical security breach”. Backup or your customers risk paying hefty regulatory fines and incurring damage to their reputation. What about native options such as Recycle Bin, Trash, Litigation Hold, Vault, etc? They are archival and e-discovery tools that do not offer automated backup, and more importantly unlimited and timely data recovery. This is why Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce themselves advise using third-party backup solutions. 

#3 Minimize the Impact and Cost of a Data Breach For Your Customer. Facilitate Disaster Recovery

Quite simply, improved data recovery means improved disaster recovery. Recovery point objective (RPO) is the maximum amount of data you can tolerate losing in a disaster, and Recovery time objective (RTO) is the amount of time taken to get back to regular operations after a data loss. RPO and RTO are the two benchmarks of disaster recovery. Secure backup and point-in-time recovery minimize your customer’s RPO and RTO, thus ensuring faster disaster recovery. As can be seen from our Downtime Calculator, a reduction in time taken to recover can massively reduce the cost of downtime, while restoring business continuity for customers and employees alike.

#4  Grow Your Business. Data Protection is an MSP Differentiator

Your customers count on you, as their MSP provider, to protect their data. A common problem for MSPs surrounds lack of differentiation, and failure to meet the customer’s technology needs. Offering solutions that focus on preventive cybersecurity aspects like disaster recovery, data backup and restore, and business continuity can be the perfect unique USP that reassures the customer that their solution partners are ahead of the curve. For MSPs, Quality of Service (QoS) is a key performance indicator. How better to ensure high-quality than by providing a data protection safety net? Grow your business even during these uncertain times with Backup.

#5 Raise Your Profitability. Increase Your MRR 

SaaS Backup completes your MSP suite while increasing your MRR with regular backup subscriptions. Protecting business-critical SaaS data is a top business priority for your customers. If it wasn’t before, 2020 ensured that it is now with its lockdowns, increased phishing scams, and enforced organizational digital transformation. Top analyst Forrester advises, “Back up SaaS data or risk losing customers, partners, and employees. Stop leaving the door open to data loss, and start proactively protecting cloud data before it’s too late”. Don’t lose out on your share of the SaaS backup pie. 

The CloudAlly Partner Difference: Better ROI, Exceptional Customer Support, Dedicated Partner Portal

CloudAlly pioneered SaaS backup a decade ago, and consequently, our products are robust and proven. Over 1000 Partners use our top-rated suite of SaaS solutions for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, Box, and  Google Workspace as a one-stop solution for all their customer’s backup needs. Join our Partner Program to discover just how seriously we take your MSP goals. MSP benefits include:

    • Audit-ready, Top-rated Backup: A stringently secure and compliant SaaS backup solution with unlimited AWS backup storage, MFA/2FA support, and the ability to choose a data center in NA, APAC, EU, or the UK.
    • Unified Customer Management: An exclusive Partner Portal that provides a single-point view of your entire backup portfolio. Manage paid/trial accounts, monthly subscriptions, billing details, and security settings with a unified dashboard.
    • Special Partner Pricing: Exclusive partner discounts, including tailored discounts for bundles, high-volume, and multi-year packages.
    • Bundled Services: Multi-service packages featuring our Tier 1, 365x24x7 exceptional customer support, Customer Support Hub, and PCI compliant billing in the currency of your choice.
    • White-Labeling: CloudAlly offers white-labeling of its backup solutions. Contact our Partner executive to know more.
    • Be a Part of the Secure Cloud: CloudAlly is part of Zix, a leading provider of cloud email security, productivity, and compliance solutions, used by 21,000 customers and a third of all U.S. banks and BCBS plans.

Increase your revenue, Secure your customer’s data. Partner with CloudAlly.

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