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Yahoo Mail Backup for Small Business and Personal Users
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Although Gmail continues to grow in leaps and bounds, Yahoo Mail still dominates the market with over 310 million users worldwide (Comscore, October 2011) who rely on Yahoo Small Business and personal email services.

Yahoo has always provided a solid email service and has world-class disaster recovery capabilities, but like most online services, lacks the ability to recover email that has been accidentally or maliciously deleted. Sure there’s a trash folder, but once that’s cleared your emails are gone forever.

This might be okay for some users, but if you’re an independent professional or small business, you need to ensure that your email is securely archived and available for recovery whenever needed. And that’s where we come in…

CloudAlly’s Yahoo Mail backup will automatically backup your Yahoo email each day to unlimited Amazon S3 secure storage. With unlimited retention of your daily archives and easy to use one-click recovery functions, you can quickly export you mail for local use or restore your mail directly to Yahoo without overwriting your existing messages.

With years of important business communications and attachments that might be needed for audits, litigation or customer support, why not do the smart thing and backup your Yahoo Mail to avoid a potential loss of critical business records.

Visit Cloudally for more information and to sign-up for a 15-day free trial, and start backing up your Yahoo Mail today.


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