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Enhancements to Box Restore, Exchange Export, Salesforce Recovery: Release Updates

Watch how you can export Exchange data with one click, restore Box files, and recover Salesforce data by RecordID with CloudAlly's latest release
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End the year on a sweet note with a basket of Holiday goodies from CloudAlly – exciting new release updates that further smarten up CloudAlly Backup and Recovery. Our December release highlights include Enhancements such as one-click Microsoft (Office 365) Exchange account export, Salesforce granular metadata seeding, new ways to restore Box files, and more. Plus an exciting announcement – CloudAlly is now a part of OpenText. 

#1 One-click Full Microsoft 365 Account Export

In our last release update, we introduced a one-click restore of Exchange mailbox data. We’ve now extended the same one-click ease to exporting data. Using our Exchange online backup solution, you can export all Exchange account data (Email,  Calendar,  Notes, Contacts, and Tasks) for a user with a single click of the “Recovery” button.   What’s in it for me? Ease of recovery…can’t beat the ease of a single click! It is also helpful when on/off-boarding to store the data of inactive users. 

#2 Salesforce Metadata Replication (Seeding ) at the Granular Object Level

We’ve expanded our Salesforce Seeding capabilities to include Metadata. You can now replicate (seed) metadata at the granular object level. This narrows down the scope of the replication job to specific metadata objects such as reports, workflows, dashboards, etc.   What’s in it for me? Save time and storage space by replicating exactly what metadata you want. Reduce your Salesforce API calls. 

#3 Salesforce Recovery by Record ID

Need to recover a list of mistakenly updated Salesforce objects ASAP? Use our new Salesforce Backup feature to search and restore Salesforce objects using Record ID. Simply input one or an entire list of Record IDs and restore them in minutes.   What’s in it for me? Recover one or more records directly by using the Record ID. For example, if an employee doing manipulations accidentally updates a huge list of leads, you can recover them quickly and directly using the Record IDs.  Backup Updates 1

#4 Salesforce Backup History Visualization

Visualization beats verbiage any day, right? Get a visual snapshot of your Salesforce Backup history and progress with a trend chart. Track delta changes visually to monitor the number of records backed up and easily detect anomalies. 

What’s in it for me? Get a single-pane view of backup trends. Quickly see how many records were added, updated and deleted with red flags visually detectable.  

Backup Updates 2

#5 Multiple Box Restore Options

CloudAlly Box Backup now includes in-place restore in addition to non-destructive restore. You can use in-place Box restore either by replacing or bypassing (if the file exists).  What’s in it for me? Improve your Box recovery flexibility with multiple restore options: two in-place options – replace and bypass and a non-destructive restore. restore deleted files

An Exciting Announcement

CloudAlly is now a part of OpenText. OpenText is a world leader in Information Management, helping companies securely capture, govern and exchange information on a global scale. OpenText solves digital business challenges for customers, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to the largest and most complex organizations in the world. We’d love to hear your feedback about the features in this release. Need another feature? We’re all ears; request one here Happy Holidays!  Stay safe…stay backed up! 
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