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Howzit! Announcing Our New AWS Backup Datacenter in South Africa

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Howzit, South Africa! Home to Our Latest AWS Data Center

Howzit, South Africa! We’re excited to announce that our latest AWS backup datacenter is now operational on your shores. This marks a significant milestone as CloudAlly expands its commitment to providing top-tier data protection globally. Our new AWS data center is strategically positioned to serve businesses across Africa, ensuring that your data is stored locally in compliance with data regulatory and sovereignty laws and managed with the utmost security. It is part of our 2024 Spring Release that includes Google Workspace bulk backup activation and other helpful features.

Why Regional Data Centers Matter

The importance of regional data centers cannot be overstated. They play a crucial role in the following:

Reducing Latency

Latency refers to the time it takes for data to travel between the server and user. Reducing latency not only speeds up the operation of cloud applications but also improves the overall user experience by improving response times, making cloud services more efficient.With average network latencies varying—40ms in North America versus 80ms trans-Atlantic—having regional data centers close to users is crucial. CloudAlly mitigates these issues by providing data centers in key regions worldwide thus ensuring faster access to data .

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Many countries have regulations that require data to be stored within national borders to protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance. Regional data centers ensure compliance with local data sovereignty laws. By hosting data within the same region it originates from, companies can adhere to legal standards and build trust with their customers by protecting their information against international data breaches and unauthorized access.

Mitigating Risks of a Breach

Regional data centers also ensure that businesses can leverage the cloud’s full potential without compromising on data privacy and security. Storing data locally reduces the risks associated with trans-border data transfers, including potential interceptions or breaches under different legal frameworks. This local storage ensures that the data adheres to the stringent security protocols that might be specific to a region.

Ensure Compliance and Security of Your Business-Critical Data With CloudAlly

new aws data center in south africa

Choose from Among Nine Global AWS Data Centers

Our new AWS data center in South Africa brings our array of global data centers to nine. Apart from South Africa, the other data centers  are located in the US, Canada, Europe (France, Germany, and Ireland), the UK, and Asia Pacific (Australia and Japan).”We are dedicated to offering top-tier data protection, ensuring our customers have increased control over the storage location of their backup data. With the addition of this new data center, our ninth globally, our customers from Africa can now choose to backup their data in compliance with data sovereignty rules,” said CloudAlly General Manager, Avinoam Katz.

At CloudAlly, we understand the stakes are high when it comes to securing your business-critical data. Our new AWS data center in South Africa, as with the other data centers, encrypts all your backup data with stringent AES-256 data encryption at rest and HTTPS in-flight. Our SaaS data protection solutions are designed to provide peace of mind, offering automated daily backups, unlimited storage, and one-click data restoration to ensure that your business remains resilient in the face of data loss. By choosing CloudAlly, you not only secure your data but also empower your business to meet specific legal requirements and industry standards for data protection and privacy. These include adherence with articles in South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) such as encryption, MFA/2FA, strong passwords,  transparent monitoring and detailed activity log.

Cloud Backup in Keeping With the POPIA

CloudAlly’s expansion into South Africa with a new AWS backup datacenter is more than just a geographical enhancement; it’s a commitment to providing our customers with reliable, secure, and compliant data backup solutions, wherever they operate. As we continue to pioneer in the cloud backup industry, we remain dedicated to enhancing our services and adapting to the evolving needs of local regulatory laws. CloudAlly backup adheres to POPIA’s articles, specifically with requirements for:

  1. Protection from Data Loss: Article 7 of the POPIA requires that “measures must be taken to prevent loss of, or unauthorised access to, personal information”. CloudAlly backup facilitates easy 1-click recovery of all your SaaS data from any point in time.
  2. Stringent Encryption: All backed up data is stored by CloudAlly in Amazon S3 storage and encrypted using advanced AES-256 bit encryption algorithms. Transmitted data is encrypted and secured using SSL (HTTPS) enabled servers.
  3. Comprehensive Protection: CloudAlly Backup complies with the 3-2-1 backup rule for failsafe backups. In addition it comprehensively protects all major SaaS platforms Microsoft365Google WorkspaceSalesforceDropbox, and Box data for complete peace of mind.
  4. Access Control: CloudAlly offers multi-admin access with granular access control, mandatory MFA/2FA, strong password, SAML-Okta and OAuth support.
  5. Retention of Data: With CloudAlly, you have full control of your backups. If you deactivate an individual user backup or database table/domain, that data will be deleted within 24 hours so we recommend downloading the data prior to deactivation if you want to retain the backed up data for local archiving.

Here is a complete list of our Security features.

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