Secure Your SaaS Solutions

Secure your SaaS Solutions Data

Your SaaS solutions are vulnerable to data and security breaches. Here are five pointers to secure your SaaS solutions and mitigate the risk of data loss.

Why Do You Need SaaS Backup for Your Data in the Cloud?

SaaS backup solutions

SaaS Backup An increasing number of organizations are moving to SaaS platforms like Office 365, G Suite (Google Apps) and Salesforce. It is a misconception however to assume that your data on the cloud is secure. Understand the risks of data loss on the cloud and use SaaS backup solutions to protect it. This article contains: […]

What are the Audit and Compliance Requirements for SaaS Backup?

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the globe, there has been a swift and significant shift to telecommuting. Around 56 percent of American jobs are compatible with working online; a steep increase from 3.6 percent of the workforce that worked remotely before the pandemic. This shift to remote work and cloud technology won’t simply return to […]

Remote Workforce Security in the Shadow of Coronavirus

Remote Workforce Security in the Shadow of Coronavirus

Telecommuting is emerging as the best protection from Coronavirus (apart from the 20-second hand wash). If your organization has switched to remote working, you’re in good company; all major organizations globally – Apple, the US Government, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Google – have en masse advised their workforce to telework. This has triggered the largest-scale […]