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CloudAlly Reseller Program

Keep your customers’ data safe and their minds at ease by providing CloudAlly’s fully automated backup and recovery solution as part of your core service offering.

Protect Your Customer’s Online Data

Office 365, Google Apps, Salesforce and other cloud-based services come with great benefits – but what they don’t provide is an essential daily backup of all your customers’ data. Without a 3rd party backup solution, your customers risk losing critical data once their recycle bin has been manually or automatically purged. As a CloudAlly Partner, you can ensure that your customers’ Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce data is available for recovery from any point in time, completely eliminating the risk of data loss.

Centralized Customer Management

As a Reseller, you can manage all of your customers from a single CloudAlly account, or from multiple accounts if you prefer. Activate backups for all users with a single click, auto-detect new users as they’re added, and perform non-destructive restores from any point in time. Backup multiple online services, domains, sites and organizations to ensure a complete recovery solution for your customers.

Generate Ongoing Revenue

Generate additional revenue for your business through increased margins from our reseller discounts and receive commission payments for all client referrals.

Why Become a CloudAlly Partner?

  • Exclusive discounts and Added Revenue!

  • No minimum customers or licensing requirements

  • No commitments

  • Ongoing marketing & sales support from CloudAlly’s team of experts

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