CloudAlly Secure Online Backup 15-Day Free Trial

Sign-up today for CloudAlly’s 15-day free trial to backup Google Apps, Salesforce, SimpleDB and more to unlimited Amazon
secure storage. At the end of your trial you can continue to protect your online data with CloudAlly’s simple and cost-effective plan.

Your CloudAlly subscription includes the following benefits:
Daily automated backups
Unlimited secure Amazon S3 storage
Advanced AES-256 data encryption
Unlimited retention of daily archives
One-click non-destructive restore and export
Pricing for Online Application Backups
For each Gmail, Yahoo Mail account $3/month
For each Google Apps, Office 365 user $3/month
For each Salesforce seat $3/month
For each 5GB of SharePoint and OneDrive site data $2/month
Pricing for Online Database Backups
For each 1GB of AWS SimpleDB data $12/month
For each 1GB of AWS DynamoDB data $15/month