Google Apps or Office 365?

G Suite / O365:

After being a faithful Microsoft customer for years, is it time to switch over to Google when choosing between Office 365 and Google Apps? As a business owner, what do you trust more—the age-old wisdom and IT expertise of Microsoft or the innovative skills and service providing ability of Google? Google Apps or Office 365 – a tough choice.

The questions are aplenty, and as business owners, it is important to have answers that help you make a decision. The requirements for cloud services are only increasing everyday, and with Microsoft and Google being the top service providers, you need to determine which one would best suit your storage needs. Read more

Misconceptions about Google Apps Debunked

Google Apps Backup And Restore

Are you a Google fanatic? Who isn’t? You certainly are if you are a Google Apps user. You get a ton of valuable tools that help you to manage your business better, improve your team’s productivity, and indirectly help you to make your dream come true―what more can you ask for? Google Apps Backup And Restore is essential for your business.

However, things are not as rosy as they look. There could be instances when Google Apps can be your nightmare too. Wondering how? Then ask yourself, what is most crucial for your business? Undoubtedly it’s your data, right? Data that you exchange, store, and share on Google. But, have you thought about the possibility of losing your data and not being able to recover it?

You must be thinking that’s not possible at all because Google backs up all your data. True, Google does, but still it can’t protect you 100 percent from data loss. If you live with this misconception that you will never lose data that Google backs up, and that even if it happens, Google will be your savior, then you may end up scratching your head after an unfortunate data loss, with no means to recover.

But don’t worry. This article will correct the misconceptions you have and help you understand how to ensure you never encounter a single data loss. Read more

Google Apps Enterprise Backup

Google Apps Enterprise Backup

Over 4 million businesses are now using Google Apps and companies of all sizes continue to migrate to Google as an alternative to on-premise solutions. Often times this includes multiple domains to manage a variety of unique brands, geographic locations or business units across the enterprise.

As part of this migration, it’s important to implement a comprehensive backup solution to ensure that user data across all domains can be quickly recovered in the event of data loss. Google has some of the finest disaster recovery procedures in the world, but can do very little to recover user data that has been accidentally (or maliciously) deleted, altered or otherwise corrupted.

And it’s not only a backup solution that needs to be considered, but the ability to manage employee transfers across business units and archive user data when an employee leaves the company. CloudAlly’s enterprise level Google Apps backup service addresses these requirements and more. Read more

Disaster Recovery by Google; Whose disaster is it anyway?

Disaster Recovery by Google

Last year Google launched a free service called synchronous replication for Google Apps in order to prevent data loss and provide immediate failover in the event that one of their data centers goes down.  This was an important announcement since it means Google now replicates every change made to Google Apps across multiple data-centers in real time.

In fact, for the City of LA, it was so important that it was one of the reasons they ultimately decided to go Google according to a Google Enterprise Blog entitled“Disaster Recovery by Google.”

And that brings me to my point.  “Disaster Recovery by Google” is a misnomer and should be called “Disaster Recovery for Google.”  There’s no question that leading online providers such as Google, and Amazon Web Services have world-class disaster recovery capabilities, but the key point, and one that has caused a lot of confusion, is that these procedures are for their disasters, not yours…

Google’s synchronous replication allows Google to recover from a disaster, but does not allow you, the user, to recover from a “personal disaster” such as accidental deletion of data, malicious data corruption, or any other problems that are unfortunately a fact of life. Read more

OAuth; Your key to privacy and security

OAuth Security

In this post I’d like to discuss something called OAuth (Open Authorization), an open standard that enables you to share private data between sites. Now if you’re not a technical person don’t worry, we’re not going into all the details, we just want to explain how CloudAlly uses it for the benefit of you, our customer.

Simply put, OAuth enables us to backup your Google Appsor data without having to hand out your username and password. In other words, we don’t share your private credentials. Instead, CloudAlly uses a “token” (or permission) to access your Google Apps or account. The token is limited to exactly what CloudAlly needs to do and doesn’t provide CloudAlly general access to your account.

Take control of your critical cloud data

You can revoke this permission at any time and have total control over how CloudAlly and any other 3rd party services access your Google Apps or Salesforce accounts.

In addition to privacy and security, OAuth provides one more nifty feature – if you change your Google Apps or Salesforce credentials it doesn’t break CloudAlly’s access to your account since OAuth is a token, not your actual credentials. CloudAlly services will continue as usual.

And the really good news is that you don’t have to do a thing. We do it for you. The process of granting the OAuth token is done internally when you define your preferences at CloudAlly.

So if you don’t have to do anything, why did I even bother writing this? Because we want you to rest assured that CloudAlly uses the latest proven technologies in order to ensure your information remains safe, secure and totally private.

Backup your cloud data today

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