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CloudAlly Backup for Nonprofits

G Suite & Salesforce Backup for Non-profits
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Data and Backup for Nonprofit Organizations | CloudAlly

SaaS Backup for Nonprofit Organizations​

Nonprofits rely on data-driven fundraising and marketing campaigns. Losing this data or access to it, can be catastrophic. Our G Suite backup for education, or Salesforce backup for Nonprofits, while extremely secure, cannot protect you from data loss at your end. These can include common reasons such as accidental deletions, malware, sync errors, and ransomware. Your safety net? CloudAlly G Suite data backup and recovery.

Secure and Easy G Suite, or Salesforce Backup & Restore

Secure backup, easy recovery, unlimited storage, 365x24x7 customer support. 

AND to thank You for making our world a better place, CloudAlly offers special pricing for non-profits.   Contact us for more information.

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Why Do Nonprofits Need Backup?
Data Loss, Compliance, Malware Protection, and Peace of Mind!

  • Eliminate Data Loss: Critical campaigns and contact lists can be permanently deleted in minutes. Only SaaS backup can ensure easy recoverability should data loss strike.  
  • Preserve Data for Regulatory Compliance: Unlimited storage helps CloudAlly clients comply with regulations by allowing them to retain and retrieve all records for audit and compliance reasons. As long as they need to.
  • Malware/Ransomware Protection: CloudAlly’s secure, immutable backups ensure that you can seamlessly recover from malware/ransomware. Speed up disaster recovery with quick data recovery. 

Peace of mind is priceless! When you are busy saving the world, you do not need the stress of data loss, the risk of losing your donor connections, or regulatory fines. CloudAlly G Suite Backup works right out of the box, unobtrusively automates backup, and includes unlimited point-in-time/granular recovery.

Go ahead! Focus on your mission – we have your back(up)! And did we mention? We offer a special nonprofit discount, because we heart nonprofits!

Backup for nonprofits | CloudAlly
g suite backup for nonprofits | CloudAlly

CloudAlly G Suite Backup for Nonprofits: Exclusive Benefits

  • Secure, Unlimited AWS Storage: No fear of time-bound recovery. Backups stored from Day 1 on AWS storage.
  • Immutable, Encrypted, Compliant Backups: Mitigate ransomware risks with AES 256-bit encrypted, immutable backups. Compliant with ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR. See our secure credentials.
  • Easy Backup, Easier Recovery: Set-it-and-forget-it automated and on-demand backups. Historical snapshots and smart search make recovery a three-click affair. Watch how easy it is to recover G Suite data from any point-in-time/level of granularity. 
  • Comprehensive Data Protection: Trust the proven pioneers of SaaS backup for end-to-end backup of Gmail, Google Drive/Team Drive,  ContactsCalendar, Tasks, and Metadata. We also backup Office 365, Salesforce, Dropbox, and Box.
  • Tier 1, 365x24x7 Customer Service: We  take great pride in exceptional customer service. We truly have your back(up)
  • Special Pricing For Nonprofits: We appreciate and value your causes and work. We offer qualified nonprofits a 25% discount.
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Why does SaaS solutions need backup?

Learn more about why enterprise organisations need SaaS Backup And Pointers to Maximize Its ROI. Share your details to download:


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Over 5,000 customers backup their productivity solutions with CloudAlly.

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Secure Cloud Backup & Recovery for Nonprofits

Protect your data with our automated daily backup, fast accurate restores, enterprise-grade. Secure your data/metadata with automated, daily backup.

Compliant, Secure and Audit-Ready

Your valuable SaaS data is only as secure as its backup. Which is why it is critical to ensure that your backup solution is dependably secure.

Security has been in our DNA right from when we pioneered SaaS backup a decade ago. We’re fanatical about security for all our backup solutions for Microsoft 365 (Office 365), G SuiteSalesforce, Dropbox, and Box. We have internationally recognized accreditation, stringent application security, and rigorous data protection. We continue to strive beyond the required compliance standards to achieve best-in-class security.

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