Marketing strategy for today’s IT Solutions Providers


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Executing on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for today’s IT Solutions Provider is a “must-do”.

As an IT Solutions Provider – What is your true value prop in today’s world of cloud? It’s the basis of your digital marketing strategy.

Whether you call yourself a Modern MSP or a Modern Technology Provider or Cloud MSP or CSP – doesn’t matter – in today’s cloud world the partner must go through an extremely thoughtful process to define themselves and the value they provide their clients – more specifically to the business managers. For the sake of this blog we’re going to put the label of IT Solutions Provider to all of the above.

Why must the IT Solutions Provider give this some much attention?

Strategy for today’s IT Solutions ProviderHave you noticed that the marketing and sales world has turned upside down? The “buyer is in control” it’s called the; “buyers journey”; a world where buyers search for solutions to their problems. In a perfect world they find you and come look at you (your website) to become educated and make decisions – your website must tell your story – and it must tell your story quickly, professionally and simply. Not to mention that there are approximately 400,000 partners aka IT Solutions Providers worldwide – many call themselves MSPs, CSPs etc – So how do you differentiate?

Your website must accurately and quickly articulate your value prop. So with that said, I don’t know about you, but when we look an IT Solutions Providers (any website for that matter) website (yes, we needed some reason to make we go there) we give it about 30 seconds – after that we either stay and learn more or I move on.  Same thing when someone gives me their pitch – We consider the following:

1. Who the heck are these guys – are they legitimate? Do they even let you know who they are?
2. What the heck do they do – as it relates to cloud, are they even in the cloud world, or are they stuck in yesterday’s world?
3. Who do they do it for – are they applicable for my size and type of business?
4. How do they do it – do they have a proven methodology to migrate me to the cloud?
5. What’s in it for me – as a business manager or business owner are they delivery technology or business outcomes solutions?
6. How we do they do what they do – are there customer quotes on the website and maybe a few case studies?

So what’s your plan to stand out from the crowd?

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Click Here to Join our webinar on October 15 2018 to learn more about digital marketing 101 for today’s IT Solutions

MSPs – Boost Office 365 Migration to Cloud Revenue by Including Cloud Backup

Office 365 migration to cloud, for MSPs

In today’s high-tech marketplace there are more MSP businesses than ever, which means that it’s more difficult than ever before to stand out in the space and to increase your revenue. As such, it’s vitally important for MSPs to shift their business models to include data protection. By adding a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution to your: Office 365 migration to cloud plan, you can increase your revenue but 15% per job.

Let’s talk about why this is so important.

The Importance of Data Protection

“Data is not just an important part of business—many firms consider it to be their most critical asset,” revealed a 2015 CompTIA 2015 Outlook research report.

No matter if your main customers are multi-national corporations or small- and medium-sized businesses data is what makes the wheels turn. By offering data protection, you’ll see ripple effects that increase your revenue, grow your business, and improve your customer and supplier relationships. The reason why is because data protection safeguards your customers’ data everywhere it lives, meaning that, suddenly, you’re not just an MSP business, you’re a partner in helping your customers navigate and succeed in the digital age where data is on premise, in virtual environments, in the cloud, and within third-party SaaS applications.

Data Protection as an MSP Cornerstone

Did you know? 22% of IT decision makers say that they are or will be employing cloud as part of their backup process, according to Enterprise Strategy Group, 2015.

The truth is that you cannot be an effective MSP business offering Office 365 migration to cloud services without a way to protect your customer’s data. MSPs that don’t offer a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution only partly service their customers. That’s why it’s vital to make data protection—such as CloudAlly offers—an integral part of your business.

Backup and disaster recovery is a key component every MSP business. Without it, what are you managing? Imagine if your customer goes down and loses connection to their data during your Office 365 migration to cloud service. If you don’t have a data protection strategy in place, you’ll be fighting a batter with no solution to offer. The reality of the situation is that if you’re an MSP business, your customers are going to put you on the hook to recover their data if they suffer a loss. So, by having a cloud-to-cloud backup plan already in place, you ensure you’re for any eventuality.

The Benefits of Adding Data protection to Your MSP Business

Adding data protection to your MSP business isn’t just about making sure you can compete, there are a myriad of benefits that will directly impact your bottom line. Offering your customers a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution will end up playing a large role in your success, and here’s how.

1. Increased Customer Referrals

Your customers know the value of data to their business. They know that 47% of enterprises have lost data in the cloud and had to restore their information from backups and that those losses can cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of staff-hours if they’re unprepared. By offering data protection as part of your Office 365 migration to cloud bundle, you provide a new “entry point” for potential customers.

Customers in pain want to hire companies that offer a total solution to their issue. They don’t want to have to go to five different businesses to find what they want and need; they want a one-stop shop that fulfills all their needs. By delivering the highest level of service—including offering a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution—you’ll demonstrate your willingness to go “above and beyond” for every customer, which will increase the likelihood that you’ll be recommended to other businesses down the road.

2. Deeper Customer Relationships

You won’t receive additional customer referrals unless you first build a deeper relationship with your current customers. The essence of the MSP and customer relationship is service, and we’re not just talking about hardware and software services. The success of your MSP business is based on your customer service orientation. An exceptional customer service orientation means more frequent and better customer communication and more solutions to potential pain points.

By offering a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution as part of your Office 365 migration to cloud service, you increase the confidence your customer has in what you offer. Think about it this way, what happens if your customer goes down and you can’t get them back up? In most cases, you’ve violated the trust your customer has placed in you, and they’ll cancel their contract and never give you another opportunity to work with them again. What’s worse is that that customer will probably share their bad experience with anyone who will listen.

That’s why data protection is so important. It’s a client data safeguard that protects both you and your customer from potentially dire consequences, and that customer service investment directly impacts your bottom line. When you build deeper relationships with your customers, you can charge higher rates, gain more business, and build your reputation.

3. Recurring Revenue

Already, many MSP businesses have developed recurring-revenue models, but that model is only possible if you have a service that someone is will to pay for month-over-month. Data protection is a linchpin for recurring-revenue models. Customers will be far more willing to pay you a fee every month if you give them the confidence to believe that their data and infrastructure will always be available.

And another benefit of the recurring-revenue model is that it means you can lower the price barrier to entry for your Office 365 migration to cloud customers. If you know you can charge a monthly fee for backup, recovery, and business continuity, then you can make it easier for your customers to acquire your service in the first place.

4. Less Work

The easiest way to be more profitable is to do less work. When you purchase CloudAlly’s backup and recovery solution, you don’t have to add any extra work to your own staff yet you increase your reliability and the confidence your customer has in your business.

CloudAlly allows you to manage all of your customers from a single account. This means that you can activate backups for all users with a single click, and even set auto-detect options for new users. And if you have to perform a restore, CloudAlly offers non-destructive restores from any point in time.

When you partner with CloudAlly, you gain the support of a vendor that understands and supports your need to resolve all of your customer issues clearly and quickly. Once your customers have signed up, you can sit back and relax and allow CloudAlly to worry about protecting all the necessary data.


Cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery is no longer just a “nice thing to have” when it comes to MSPs and the Office 365 migration to cloud service. It’s a necessary cornerstone of your business. If you lose your customer’s data, you’ll lose all their business forever, and they’ll tell their friends to avoid you as well.

Boost your profits, and protect your business and keep your customers happier by becoming a CloudAlly partner today.

Contact Us about how to add our cloud backup solution to your services and increase your profits.
Office 365 Backup

3 Reasons to Stop by Booth #1607 at Microsoft WPC

3 Reasons to Stop by Booth #1607 at Microsoft WPC

Microsoft WPC

Microsoft WPC, is so close, we can hardly wait! Are you going to be there? Here are 3 reasons to stop by our booth:

1. Meet CloudAlly team and learn all about CloudAlly backup for Office 365

Microsoft WPC will be your first chance to talk to us face-to-face about our awesome office 365 that include backup to email,contacts,calendar,and tasks. You can also find out about CloudAlly backup for  SharePoint/OneDrive.

2. Our Partner Programs for VARs, Resellers, ISVs, MSPs and more!

Are you one of the above? Stop by to meet Emilia Dariel, our Head of Marketing & Biz Dev and find out about exciting partnership opportunities. Want to set up a meeting? E-mail her at

3) Free Stuff (for your kids)!

Wanna skip the guilt-ridden, overpriced shopping for your kids at the airport this year? We know your kids are the #1 benefactors of conference swag, which is why this year we made stuff specifically for them. Stop by our booth #1607 to pick up for your son or daughter a SUPERPOWER swag (it’s a surprise)!

Hope to see you at Microsoft WPC 2015, July 12 – 16th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. We’ll be at Booth # 1607 hanging out with a life-sized Superhero…

Going to be there? Contact to reserve your swag (they go fast!).

Read more about Office 365 backup, and checkout how Second Start Technologies prevented office 365 data loss.

3 Reasons You Should Add Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Service To Your Portfolio

Backup Services for Office 365

Every business wants to satisfy its clients and win more customers. But the question is how? For most, quality service is necessary. But is that everything that can be offered? The competition is tough and you have to stay ahead. So, the key to success is to know your competition, use the findings to your competitive advantage, and offer rich value.  Backup services for office 365 are essential for your success.

You may be a reseller of Google Apps, Office 365, or Salesforce like your competitors, but have you ever thought of offering added -value services like cloud-to-cloud backup to your customers? If you hadn’t, you must be wondering now how it fits in. If you have, but didn’t add it yet, then you should have another thought about it. Let’s see how it can help you stay ahead of your competition:

Stand out from the crowd

The success lies not in what type of cloud services your company offers, but how the offering is unique as compared to others. It is very important that you have a Unique Selling Proposition that gives your customers enough reasons to come to you rather than look at the competition.  Any service becomes unique when it is bundled with unique products or services that prove to be valuable in the market and there is a need for it.

Cloud-to-cloud backup service is a good example of a unique offer that can work as a key differentiator between you and your competitors and make you stand out from the crowd. With a cloud-to-cloud backup service added to your list of services, you can be an “all in one place” service for your customers – for example, Google App/Salesforce/ Office 365 implementation/migration to management, support and 100% backup.

Whether it’s Google Apps, Office 365, or Salesforce,every product comes with a time-bound backup feature. You have the opportunity of adding a competitive edge to your company with offering automated secured daily backups like CloudAlly.  knowing the importance of backup to the business continuity of your customers will prove you are on top of your game, and will win you new customers.

Win Customer Trust

Winning customers’ trust is very important. If you offer a solution that appears to be a compelling one, but in fact it really isn’t, your credibility gets hurt and that leads to customer attrition. It’s not just losing one customer, but also losing the opportunity of referrals as well.

Let’s take the example of Google Apps. Google keeps any deleted data for only 30 days. Now, what if a customer deletes data accidentally and never realizes that it needs to be backed up within 30 days—what happens next? The data can never be recovered and Google can’t even help with that. Won’t your customer get frustrated in that case? However, if there is an active backup of that account, data can be recovered pretty quickly. This will not only help you win customer trust, but also establish your credibility in the market.

 Increase Revenue

Increase in revenue also depends on your higher transaction value strategy and understanding what related products or services your customers might be interested in. That means the more diversified your services are, the greater opportunity there is for sales. You can also offer cloud-to-cloud backup solution as a standalone service just by partnering with us, and you can offer value by strengthening customer data protection strategy, and increase your sales.

Another way out is the number of repeat transactions generated from the same customer. If you offer a backup solution additionally as a value-added service, your customers will be satisfied and that would help you to retain a customer for a longer period of time which of course also means increase of revenue.

If you are interested in making your business distinct from your competition by adding cloud-to-cloud backup service to your portfolio, read more about CloudAlly’s Partner Program .

You can also further read more about “Why Backup Online Data” and on “Why do we need to backup Office 365” or “Google Apps misconceptions”

Top Office 365 US Resellers You Should Consider

Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud suite, is a hot cake these days. Microsoft’s first preview of Office365 had organizations asking how suitable it would be for non-Windows platforms. Now, three years down the line since the launch of Office365, we see Microsoft steadily increasing its channel partners. Here are Top  Office 365 US resellers in US you should consider when migrating your business to Office 365 or in need of support.

As an organization, BrightStarr doesn’t depend on assisting Microsoft with Office 365 deployments alone. Instead, it focuses on a number of other areas and services as well including web design, web development, and more complex domains like ECM consulting and SI. If you are looking for a company that can offer innovative and strategic Office 365 experiences, BrightStarr might be the right choice. Today, the company boasts of some major clients like Levi Strauss, Tiffany and Co., and Boston Scientific.

Achievements: The trophy board of BrightStarr is filled up with the Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Award 2012, the best website of 2012 award by TopSharePoint, and the best website of the year for WireHive 100.

You can follow them on Twitter @BrightStarr_SP


Priding itself on offering strategic IT solutions and solving the complex IT needs of organizations, Sada Systems is a Google Apps Premier Enterprise reseller as well. The company focuses on a number of services including helping other organizations in cloud implementation, ECM consulting and SI, and enterprise app development.

Achievements: The company has been featured on INC 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companiesand has been named in LA Business Journal’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies. It was also the Microsoft 2012 Grand Champion Winner in the US Office 365 Race to Innovate.

Office 365 Backup

You can follow them on Twitter @SADASystems

We see most Microsoft Office 365 resellers focusing on offering cloud computing solutions to organizations. EnPointe is no exception. Their services include cloud services, data center, and offering strategic IT security solutions to customers.

Achievements: The company’s been featured in ChannelPro magazine in the August 2014 issue.

You can follow them on Twitter @EnPointeTech

An Office 365 reseller, Virteva helps organizations transition to cloud effectively and use Office365. Offering IT services like end-user solutions, infrastructure solutions, and cloud solutions, Virteva helps organizations transition, upgrade, and implement new technologies effectively.

 Achievements: Virteva was listed among Minnesota’s best hundred companies to work for. It was also selected for the CRN Next-Gen 250 award, both in 2011 and 2012.

You can follow Virteva on Linkedin @

Looking for an organization that can help you with ERP/ECM/CRM needs apart from offering the regular cloud strategy solutions? Then Stemp Systems is your answer. Apart from offering IT support, it also offers various consulting services.

Achievements: The company has been recognized as the 2011 best tech workplace and has won awards like the 2012 MSPmentor 200 North America Edition and 2013 MSPmentor 501 Global Edition.

You can follow them on Facebook @

Increasing productivity and efficiency just got simpler. Unlike some of the other providers above, Managed Solution also offers a number of Managed Service solutions including desktop and device management. The company also offers social enterprise solutions apart from the regular cloud service offerings of most Microsoft 365 resellers.

Achievements: Managed Solutions was recognized with the Southern California General Manager award.

You can follow Managed Solution on Twitter @MSMarketingTeam

 RBS is a leading technology and digital consultancy. Their service offerings include UX design, architecture design, data integration, platform implementation to name a few.

Achievements: RBA has received the honor of “ Best Place to Work” by Business Journal seven times in the last eight years. It was also recognized as a finalist in the 2014 Worldwide Microsoft CRM Partner of the Year awardprogram.

You can follow RBA consulting on Twitter @RBAConsulting.

How can organizations use Office 365 to their best advantage? From helping organizations migrate to Office 365 to helping with the design and management, MessageOps is exclusively focused on everything Office 365. The company promises to offer organizations the strategic solutions to ever-changing business needs with the help of Office 365 deployment.

Achievements:The parent company of MessageOps, Champion Solutions Group, won the East Region Small and Medium Business (SMB) Award Cloud Partner of the Year this year. The company has also been awarded with the Microsoft 2014 Azure Partner of the Year Award for the Greater Southeast.

 You can follow them on Twitter @365Command


BroadPoint provides a wide variety of technology solutions you need to run a business like financial business management, customer relationship management, cloud solutions, business intelligence and rapid application development. They are one of the largest iMIS solution providers in the U.S. It is also the largest Mid-Atlantic MS Dynamics GP, CRM, SL and AX partner with CRM and ERP gold certifications.

Achievements: Broadpoint named to Microsoft Dynamics President’s Club , Accounting Today Top 100 VARs  this year. Also, it was shortlisted by research firm sourcing like as top Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant.

You can follow them on Twitter @BroadPointTech

Entrance focuses on building software solutions that increase busienss productivity and efficiency. It provides a wide variety of solutions from assett management to mergers and acquisitions IT.

Achievements: Entrance is one of those few companies where employees love to work, being featured in the Houston Business Journal as one of the Best Places to Work. The company has also been an Inc 5000 winner.

You can follow Entrance on Twitter @CustomSoftware

From prioritizing your IT needs to coming up with effective plans and strategies for expanding your company’s growth, most Microsoft 365 resellers will help you embrace cloud storage and IT security in a new way.  When you’re shopping for an O365 reseller, make sure to also ask about backup. Backing up O365 is highly important to your business continuity.  The recycle bin is not a backup – and the Microsoft can recover lost or corrupted data after it’s been purged from the recycle bin. Read more about it on our blog post “Why backup Office 365”.

This is the first post out of a  series of posts on/for Resellers. Stay tuned for Office 365 best practices, Office 365 resellers in EU and more.

Source : Clutchtalkincloud

Referral and Reseller Programs

CloudAlly Backup Service

Independent consultants, ISVs and MSPs can now offer their customers a comprehensive cloud to cloud backup and recovery solution for leading online services such as Google AppsSalesforce and AWS SimpleDB through CloudAlly’s Partner Programs for Referrals and Resellers.

Referral Partner Program

As a CloudAlly Referral Partner, you provide a valuable service to your customers by recommending a comprehensive backup and recovery service to ensure business continuity for your customer’s cloud-based applications. You receive a Referral Commission based on the first year licensing value of each referred client. Read more