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Microsoft 365 Backup Pricing

Backup ALL Your Microsoft 365 Data - Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups and Teams
  • $3
month / user
  • $30
year/ user
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Products M365 Exchange Only M365 Files & collaboration M365 Complete
Minimum LevelNo MinimumNo MinimumNo Minimum
RequirementsNo RequirementsNo RequirementsRequires Activation of all Exchange Users.
  • $3
  • $3
  • $3
  • $30
  • $30
  • $30
TermsPer UserPer 10 GB (Per Service) Per User




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What’s Included in CloudAlly Backup

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Unlimited Storage Capability

Unlimited secure Amazon S3 storage and unlimited retention of
daily archives

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Regional Data Centers

Archive storage in Amazon’s AWS: U.S., Canada, E.U. UK, or Australia Data Centers

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Secured Cloud Backup

Advanced Security AES-256 data encryption

FAQ - Pricing for Microsoft 365 Backup

View our Frequently Asked Questions on Pricing for our backup solutions.

Plans may be available on a monthly or annual subscription.  Starting Pricing for SaaS Backup and plan terms are noted in the list above.

You can purchase monthly. To get started, sign up and purchase CloudAlly directly from a FREE TRIAL. You can register for it at  It is fully featured and not limited in any way.

Yes, you can purchase annual. To get started, sign up and purchase CloudAlly directly from a free trial. You can register for it at  It is fully featured and not limited in any way. For annual subscription you will receive an invoice online.

On annual subscription we issue an online invoice.

There are two subscription plans:
1. Annual, you pay up front for 10 months (as we provide 2 months discount). The cost will be based on the agreed number of users.
2. Monthly- system will charge automatically based on actual number of users, this charge will be with
credit card. There is no limited time.  Click on the chat to discuss with our sales representative to discuss payment and billing options.

There are many factors that contribute to your match rate, but if you have a CloudAlly account you can check your status in the billing page. If you need, contact us for a free test.

You can click here to start a 15 Day Free Trial. No credit card required.

You can pay with different currencies. Contact us to find out which currencies we accept.

You can add products or upgrade at any time. Reach out to our sales department at to see what works best for your business.

Sure, we provide a Academic/Non-profit discount.

Just send us an email at, we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Got 100+ Accounts to backup? We have a special offer for Enterprise Level Pricing. Education and Non-Profit Discounts also available.

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