Office 365 Recovery from Ransomware

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Ransomware Data Recovery

“Ransomware Is the Greatest Business Threat in 2022” (NASDAQ)

“Backups are critical in ransomware recovery and response; if you are infected, a backup may be the best way to recover your critical data.” (U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency)

Quick data recovery and reduced downtime are critical to mitigate the risk of ransomware. Get your data back ASAP with CloudAlly Backup

  • Secure Amazon S3 SaaS Backup on the cloud
  • Immutable backups that can’t be compromised
  • Quick recovery with seamless point-in-time or granular restore
  • One solution to secure all your SaaS data

Restore Office 365 Data in Minutes

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Ransomware Recovery in Action!

“We actually just had a customer hit by Ransomware who managed to get to recover their data with CloudAlly SharePoint Online backups. With a few clicks we were able to restore all the affected data. Big win for Cloudally!”

Robert Vance,


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Does Microsoft 365 Protect You from Ransomware?

The Shared Responsibility Model Puts the Onus On You

Microsoft Office 365 Shared Responsibility pt 4 | CloudAlly

Get Ransomware Recovery With CloudAlly

Microsoft cloud services are built on a foundation of trust and security. Microsoft provides you security controls and capabilities to help you protect your data and applications. You own your data and identities and the responsibility for protecting them, the security of your on-premises resources, and the security of cloud components you control.

                                     – Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft clearly reminds its customers about the Microsoft Shared Responsibility model, whereby the onus of protecting your data lies squarely with you. Don’t risk the devastating damages of data loss. Secure your business-critical Office 365 cloud storage / SharePoint / OneDrive Backup with CloudAlly.