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Daily Backup Service for Salesforce

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CloudAlly, a leading provider of cloud-based backup and recovery services, announces the launch of their automated daily online backup service for Salesforce and Chatter to unlimited Amazon storage.

October 31 2011 – New York — With over 100,000 subscribers, is one of the world’s leading on-demand CRM solutions. Salesforce, like other leading online providers, has world-class disaster recovery capabilities, but limited abilities to restore data in the event a user accidentally or maliciously deletes, alters or otherwise corrupts organizational data.

Although some online providers, including Salesforce, will attempt to restore customer data for a fee, there are no guarantees that the data can be recovered. CloudAlly bridges the gap by providing automated daily Salesforce backups with unlimited archive retention enabling customers to recover data from any point in time. In addition to Salesforce, CloudAlly customers can also activate backups for Google Apps, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail.

“There are a number of on-premise solutions but these consume precious internal
resources such as system admin time and disk storage just to name a few,” explains
Murray Moceri, Marketing Director for CloudAlly. “Our cloud-based automated
Salesforce backup provides significant time and cost savings, while ensuring full data
recovery capabilities.”

CloudAlly is built on Amazon’s reliable AWS Platform and all data is encrypted and stored in Amazon S3 storage. OAuth, an industry standard token-based permission system, enables CloudAlly to backup data without storing customer credentials.

Customers can activate automated daily backups for an entire Salesforce organization with a few simple clicks once they’ve activated their CloudAlly account.

“We knew there was a demand for automated daily backups based on our research,
and the strong customer response has confirmed that this has been a missing link for
many organizations,” said Murray. “The ability to activate a complete organizational
backup of all Salesforce objects to unlimited secure storage with a few simple clicks,
and then receive a daily backup summary confirmation has been a real time and
money saver for our clients.”

Customers can backup multiple Salesforce organizations, and CloudAlly supports Page 1 of 2 Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. Chatter feeds are also included in the backup. CloudAlly has been tested and verified secure by, as well as verified and approved by Google Apps.

CloudAlly offers a 14-day free trial and is available in the Salesforce AppExchange, Google Apps Marketplace or directly from the company’s website. Pricing discounts are available to qualified Academic and Non-Profit Organizations.

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