CloudAlly New Customer Support Hub

CloudAlly Customer Support Team is proud and excited to announce our new & recent Customer Support Hub.

We’ve combined all our customer support channels into one single Hub to better enable our customers, and future customers to contact us regarding backup & restore assistance, for major business solutions such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint/OneDrive, G Suite,,, and more…

Our newest customer support hub provides our customers with the ability to open support tickets (and manage their technical inquiries), click to call our 24-7 support team, click to chat with one of our support agents, and also click to email us directly (which are all converted to support tickets as well).

Customer Support Hub

Our support hub is also multi-lingual, and contains a diverse and updated Knowledge Base, containing our FAQ, Videos, User Manuals, and much more…  We are taking great effort to continuously update our knowledge base content, to enable our customers with independent access to common support questions & help.

Our customers can view information on how to get started and backup their business solution, and or how to check their account, and find out how to check their storage size, with many other popular help articles.

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Business Continuity Management Planning Solution Market

Business Continuity Using Cloud Backup
CloudAlly Identified as a Value Provider for Business Continuity

CloudAlly identified as one of the key players (as a cloud backup & restore vendor,) across the value chain of the global business continuity management planning solution market.

Business Continuity using cloud backupNBC2 News Today – has recently reported on a survey done by Persistence Market Research on the topic of: Business Continuity Management Planning Solution Market is Expected to Grow ~ US$ 1.6 Bn by the end of 2029 – PMR.

CEO’s today realize cloud to cloud backup to be an integral part of business continuity.

Business continuity in incidents requiring disaster recovery, have become more common in recent times due to an influx of Malware and Ransomware occurrences, data center outages, and such.  Cloud to cloud backup solutions like CloudAlly provide a 3rd party, Amazon AWS backup of major business solutions such as Office 365, SharePoint/OneDrive, G Suite, and such.  Businesses in need of email exchange recovery, or CRM data restore, utilize the 3rd party backup by CloudAlly to ensure business continuity, with zero business operation disturbance.

Business Continuity PMR – Persistence Market Research is a US based third-platform research firm. Its research model is a unique collaboration of data analytics and market research methodology to help businesses achieve optimal performance.

Read more about the market report.



Newsweek Best Business Tools 2019: CloudAlly Office 365 Backup


The software stack of the modern organization gets more diverse and complex by the day. How can tech solutions bring about digital transformation? How do you pick the right software?  Which are the best business tools? Whom can you trust for unbiased reviews?

Newsweek Surveys America’s Best Business Tools

Enter Newsweek, the stalwart of high-quality, uncompromising journalism for 80 years that has stayed both true to its ideals and relevant to the next-gen by delighting its readers with information that is inspiring and pioneering. Working with Statista, a renowned data research company, Newsweek’s Tech Magazine interviewed more than 10,000 IT professionals to produce an authoritative list of America’s Best Business Tools.

The survey was administered using an online access panel. Young entrepreneurs from business schools across the U.S. were invited to take the survey by Newsweek. The survey examined the participant’s willingness to recommend the provider and their rating in these categories:

  • Trust
  • Service promise
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Improvement
  • Satisfaction

CloudAlly Office 365 Backup Leads in SaaS Backup

We’re thrilled! CloudAlly’s Office 365 Backup was selected by Newsweek’s Best Business Tools respondents as a top SaaS backup solution provider in the Backup Software category. We’re honored that our unwavering commitment for the past eight years to build a secure and comprehensive backup and recovery solution has been recognized.

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We’ve heard from many a customer how Office 365 data loss or a data breach was at their door – but they snuffed it out by quickly recovering an accurate backup of their data using CloudAlly. With one in three customers experiencing SaaS data loss, with all its devastating consequences, backup is a must-have. Don’t let a breach stress you. Try our free 15-day trial now!


Cloud Backup For Higher Education

Backup for Salesforce and Office 365 Solution Gives IBA Conviction in the Cloud

Sean Bates the former ICT Manager, Australian Institute of Business (AIB), understood that securing data on cloud, for the higher education organisation he worked for was paramount.

Using powerful business solutions like Microsoft Office 365 and can pose significant data protection challenges for an organization.  While Microsoft provides every precaution possible to safeguard their clients business data, it’s indeed very difficult for Microsoft to administer and supervise occurrences on the customer side, like accidental & malicious deletion.  The enormous risks in data loss on  cloud applications are tremendous, but can be minimized greatly with cloud to cloud backup.

AIB ICT manager recognized the possible issues & problems and adopted backup as an imperative organisation task, so that all relevant data records, intellectual property, sales information, research, and general communication would remain safe & secure, (and available to restore from any point-in-time).

View the complete customer story…

to learn why this upstanding higher educational institution chose CloudAlly for its cloud to cloud backup & restore needs.  Read about the reasons CloudAlly was chosen to provide this backup, its excellent customer support, and learn how and why the experts choose CloudAlly for backup on the cloud, to safeguard against data loss.




ThinkMobile Selects CloudAlly as No.1 Vendor for Cloud Backup

Kudos to us at CloudAlly as – The IT research and marketing company that’s known for its highly informative and exhaustive technology articles and blogs, ThinkMobiles, has listed 17 of the Best Backup Software for April 2019. The compilation is a product of careful analysis and will greatly be of help to those looking into getting backup software that fulfills their specific and general requirements.

CloudAlly’s backup software comes in first place on the list — a cloud-integrated backup used to backup important information from a variety of sources. It’s a smart system of planning and reporting that lets you plan for regular backup creation and be notified of the operations’ success.

CloudAlly recognized as No.1 in cloud-to-cloud backup for major business solutions.