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Fev 11, 2020

In the Media

" CloudAlly Review"

Cloudwards create a review to show the features of CloudAlly SaaS Backup & Restore. 

“CloudAlly is an Israel-based cloud backup company. It’s different than most services in our best online backup roundup, though, because it backs up your data that’s already in the cloud. Cloud service providers have built-in redundancy and backups for their own disaster recovery, but with CloudAlly, you can create another layer of protection for your backed up data.

Most cloud service providers retain your deleted files in a “trash” folder but can’t recover them once you delete them from there. To avoid that, you can use CloudAlly to backup and restore the files you keep with other cloud services.

CloudAlly integrates with several popular business cloud services and has strong security and privacy which is paramount considering you’re going to backup your most important business files.

That said, its pricing scheme for backing up data from cloud storage services is expensive if you need to backup a lot of data. In most cases, though, you’re probably only going to need to save your critical data, which shouldn’t require a lot of backup space. CloudAlly’s knowledgebase can help solve common issues and its technical support team is available 24/7.

CloudAlly is also easy to use but limited to a web client. Backup and restore operations are straightforward and fast.”


“CloudAlly is a specific service. You may or may not need it depending on how much trust you place in your cloud storage or backup provider. You may also not want to keep your eggs in one basket, in which case, it’s a good solution. You can connect it to the service you want to backup and let it do its thing without much input from you.

If you need to tweak something, you won’t have to call for help because the service is easy to use. It’s also secure thanks to encryption protocols, features that secure your credentials and hardened data centers. CloudAlly takes good care of your privacy, too.

There’s no mobile client that’d make it available while you’re away from your computer, though. CloudAlly’s prices aren’t cheap if you want to backup a lot of files, but they’re fine if you limit your backup to the most important ones.”

Branko Vlajin | CloudAlly

Article Author: Branko Vlajin 

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