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"Best 22 Backup software - Feb, 2021"

The IT research and marketing company that’s known for its highly informative and exhaustive technology articles and blogs, ThinkMobiles, has listed 17 of the Best Backup Software for April 2019. The compilation is a product of careful analysis and will greatly be of help to those looking into getting backup software that fulfills their specific and general requirements.

“The importance of backup software for any business entity could not be stressed enough. Especially in our turbulent times. A variety of data backup tools are there to safeguard data on computers, mobile devices, data centers. In short, these tools backup and store the data on laptop or phone in case it is deleted by accident or failure. We took most popular tools and put them under the microscope. They include both free backup software for private use and enterprise data backup tools for entire cloud servers, virtual machines and databases. All of them work on Windows of course, while some are also compatible with MacOS and/or Linux, and many of these tools are totally free as well. On this page you’ll find all their features comparison, and performance test results.”


CloudAlly recognized as No.1 in cloud-to-cloud backup for major business solutions.

“Cloudally is the original solution for backing up important information from various sources. Integrated with the cloud, the application supports many specific programs including Office 365, G Suite, SharePoint and others. Just one click will allow you to transfer your information to unlimited Amazon S3 storage. A smart system of reports and planning will”.

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