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"Top-10 Best Solutions for Microsoft Office 365 backup in 2021"

Microsoft 365 has became very common in enterprise companies and SMB companies.
Many of these companies face data SaaS compliance and security vulnerabilities and rely on third-party backup solutions. However, this market is growing and there are many service offerings like these. To help you decide, a list of the 10 best backup solutions for Microsoft Office 365 was created, according to speed, reliability, scalability, usability and cost.

CloudAlly was listed in the 5 position with your Microsoft 365 Backup & Restore solution.

“Simple and functional. These descriptors can be aptly applied to Cloudally — a robust backup solution for Microsoft 365. The solution performs on-demand and automated backups for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Groups, and Teams. What makes Cloudally a good value proposition is its comprehensive set of features, including granular restore, Amazon S3 encryption, object lock, data/status monitoring, advanced search, and archival export.

As for the downsides, Cloudally is a standalone solution with a sole focus on SaaS. Therefore, it is less versatile than other market offerings that can be implemented in physical, virtual, cloud, and SaaS environments. Furthermore, the steep price of $2.5 per user/month precludes small businesses, which are the likeliest users of the solution reserved for SaaS workloads, from adopting Cloudally. Nevertheless, companies that can afford the solution will enjoy its simplicity and reliability.”

Article Author: Brian Lee

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