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HIPAA Certification for Backup Services

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August 28 2014 – New York–(Business Wire) – CloudAlly, a leading provider of cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery services, announced today that it is now HIPAA certified, meeting all federal standards for handling and storing of sensitive healthcare records.

The HIPAA compliance now enables CloudAlly, which is recently ISO 27001 certified, to offer cloud-to-cloud backup services for leading applications such as Google Apps and Office 365 that comply with all federal requirements for the medical and healthcare sectors.

In addition to security and privacy standards, the federal regulations for HIPAA compliance ensure that all aspects of data handling are adhered to including data backup, encryption, employee authorization and a number of other requirements.

“We’re committed to providing secure and compliant cloud backup services to clients across all industries,” said Emilia Dariel, CloudAlly’s Head Of Marketing & Business Development. “With our recent HIPAA certification we can now offer fully compliant automated daily backup services for business critical cloud-based systems to our customers and reseller partners dealing with highly sensitive personal healthcare information.”

CloudAlly is built on Amazon’s reliable AWS Platform and all data is encrypted and stored in Amazon S3 storage. CloudAlly is certified Microsoft Platform Ready and has been tested and verified secure by Amazon Web Services,, and Google Apps.

Customers can sign-up for CloudAlly’s automated cloud-to-cloud backup services from the Office 365 Marketplace, Salesforce AppExchange, Google Apps Marketplace, or directly from the company’s website. Pricing discounts are available to qualified Academic and Non-Profit Organizations.

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