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"Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Backup Solutions"

“Backing up your data is best practice when it comes to any IT system. Ensuring that in the event of disaster, human error, or potentially a data breach, you can resume working and get back online as soon as possible.

In the world of Salesforce, this is just as imperative as other systems. Especially because a CRM is a living breathing system, with 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of users adding records or changing fields every minute of every day.”

“Why do I need a Salesforce Backup Solution?

While the possibility of Salesforce losing your data exists, this is not the primary reason you need a Salesforce Backup solution. The most likely cause of losing data will come from user error 

Native Salesforce Backup Solution

Salesforce has a bunch of native solutions available for backing up your data. These solutions should be used at the bare minimum in order to take a copy of your data, but as you will see, don’t provide much in the way of automation…

Third Party Salesforce Backup Solutions

If Salesforce offers native, free solutions, why might you need a third party solution?

Well…if you’re already familiar with the tools in the previous section, you will know that while they can pretty easily export your data, if you do need to restore to a particular place in time due to an issue, it’s all going to be manual.

That mean sorting through sheets of CSV’s, finding the latest backup, then performing a manual import. This is never an easy process and requires a lot of time and care.

This is why third party solutions exist, they have built an App that takes all the hard work out of exporting, and restoring. Let’s take a look at some of the market leaders…”

CloudAlly was ranked in the top 5 Backups Solutions.

“CloudAlly is a long-standing SaaS Backup company that provides services for many other platforms, including Salesforce.”
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