A Cloud Backup Solutions Using Cloud Storage Service Platforms

Based on recent reviews on GetApp and TrustPilot, users have said that CloudAlly is a life-saver and comes in handy when it comes to fear of losing important files or accidentally deleting files in cloud storage. goodcloudstorage.net decided to find out ourselves if the claim is true. CloudAlly Upon testing it and reading reviews, CloudAlly exceeds at providing […]

CloudAlly Review

Cloudwards review: CloudAlly has taken a leaf out of CloudBerry Backup’s book and offers a backup service where you provide the storage. However, it’s more expensive than its inspiration, and has some interface issues. Read our full CloudAlly review for the details.

Top 6 best cloud backup services

Appclonescript.com gathered for you some of the best email backup services that will safeguard your email in case of outages. CloudAlly was ranked in the top 6 best cloud backup services. CloudAlly is an exceptional cloud backup solution that covers a wide range of products including G Suite, Office365, Box.com, Dropbox, Salesforce, and Amazon AWS. It allows […]

Cloudally helps partners meet customer saas backup needs

Q&A with Monty Sagal, Channel Enablement and Compliance Director, CloudAlly Redmond Channel Partner: SaaS services such as Office365, G-Suite and Salesforce are not immune from accidental or malicious data loss. It has been reported that 33 percent of all companies using SaaS lose data. As none of the SaaS service providers supply a complete backup […]