G Suite Secured Backup
G Suite Secured Backup – Customer Story

Read up on our latest customer story …  Shoosh Monkey Uses CloudAlly G Suite Backup App to Restore Customers’ Data Based out of Canberra, Australia, Shoosh Monkey PTY LTD is a G Suite support and software development agency that creates unique bespoke tools for many types of businesses.  Speaking about his business, Shoosh Monkey’s “Chief Monkey” Kris Hogh notes, “After exploring G […]

  • Office 365: Threat Intelligence and Data Governance Tools

    Microsoft Office 365: Threat Intelligence and Data Governance Tools There is a lot that’s new about Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud version of its traditional desktop software. Some of the biggest new benefits have to do with two major pillars of an enterprise strategy: first, identifying and mitigating threats in a network, and second, establishing policies and […]

  • How to Recover Missing G Suite Files

    How to Recover Missing G Suite Files It’s always frustrating to loose a file, but as a G Suite administrator, recovering and restoring missing files and emails is basic part of your job.  Users may restore their data for up to 30 days or until it’s permanently deleted, whichever comes first. However, if they permanently […]

  • How to maintain G Suite security settings ?

    Setting G Suite Security Settings If maintaining security is not at the forefront of your business model, then you are opening yourself up to hackers and data loss. G Suite offers security features to help protect your employees’ accounts and maintain your company’s data integrity.  This blog post will explain how to maintain: G suite […]

  • Dropbox vs G Drive

    Dropbox vs G Drive The way people work is constantly changing. More employees need access to documents and files even when they aren’t at their desk. For that, they need a remote location in which to store their data that is accessible from anywhere something like the ever-present cloud. With so many cloud choices, we […]

  • Does microsoft backup office 365 to cloud?

    Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 To Cloud?

    Does Microsoft Backup Office 365 To Cloud? How is it possible to get a full Data Restore and Recovery for Office 365? As your company’s information technology leader you have been in pursuit of better collaboration and storage capabilities, and have made the move to Microsoft Office 365, and while this is a powerful cloud-based suite of tools, that doesn’t mean your […]

  • G Suite Vs Office 365

    G Suite Vs Office 365

    G Suite vs. Office 365 Businesses are always looking for new ways to help their teams work together while keeping their overhead low. To do this, many administrators choose to use services such as G SuiteVs. Office 365 to gain the word processing, spreadsheet, and power point capabilities while connecting their employees with a way to […]

  • How to Recover an Office 365 Account

    How to Recover An Office 365 Account Deleting accounts is a necessary part of doing business from time to time. Employees leave for other jobs, and you need to get rid of their accounts and close off access. However, even the best intentions can sometimes go awry. An administrator selects the wrong user account and […]

  • Protect Your Data: The Difference Between Malware, Adware, and Spyware

    Protect Your Data: The Difference Between Malware, Adware, and Spyware Short for malicious software, malware comes in many varieties of forms. Viruses and worms, named because of their ability to quickly spread through your system by digging in deep and making copies of themselves, are probably two of the best-known malware types, which is why malware […]

  • Google Pop or IMAP Options

    Google POP or IMAP Options – How to Recover Your Gmail Messages In this edition of How to, we will discuss how to import Gmail messages into a local email application. While Gmail allows you to import other email services into your Gmail inbox, it is not as simple to work in the opposite direction. However, […]

  • How to Delete G Suite Account

    Q&A How to Delete G Suite Account ? How to Delete G Suite Account Turnover is a natural part of doing business. Employees come and go with regularity. Businesses using Google applications to run their offices must consider what happens to those accounts once an employee is no longer part of the company. As an […]

  • Office 365 add-Ons

    Office 365 add-Ons

    Office 365 add-Ons Best Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Add-Ons In a recent article featured in KitGuru online magazine, the latest Office 365 add-Ons were illustrated with CloudAlly Office 365 Backup Solution topping the chart. The article titled: Extending 365: 7 Tools to Improve Your Microsoft Office Experience, explicitly pointed out CloudAlly backup as one of the […]

  • How to Recover a Deleted Contact in Office 365

    How to Recover a Deleted Contact in Office 365

    How to Recover a Deleted Contact in Office 365 Office 365 recover deleted items administrator Having contacts in your email makes sending and receiving messages much easier. Instead of having to remember the email address or phone number, you can just click on a name, and there is the information you want to take. Adding […]