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The oddity occurrence of storage size reports on and

Many IT administrators, CIO’s, and business owners who backup file storage solutions such as, are bewildered by the difference in storage size reported by these applications, and the actual storage size which is backed up.  Very often we are asked: ” So, why is there a discrepancy between the amount of storage reported […]

  • Five Tips to Prevent SharePoint Sprawl

    Five Tips to Prevent SharePoint Sprawl Many companies use Microsoft SharePoint to manage documents and workflow processes, and to help organize all of the communications flying around between various offices. Enterprise clients can even use Office 365 and SharePoint to create websites and chart a course for other kinds of digital and off-line projects. But […]

  • 5 Free Tools for G Suite


    5 FREE TOOLS FOR G SUITE Many businesses are choosing G Suite to handle their immediate software needs. Docs, sheets, and slides act in place of Microsoft’s Office products while their email system is accessible from anywhere. There are several applications and add-on that work seamlessly with G Suite products, including Cloudally’s G Suite backup tool.  […]

  • G Suite for Education

    G Suite for Education

    Google understands that technology is changing not just how employees work together but also how teachers interact with their students. There are better ways to communicate with students and help them achieve their academic goals than just lecturing them in a classroom. A decade ago, Google introduced Google Apps for Education to help fill this […]

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    How To Simplify Communication & organizational Collaboration with SharePoint!

    When SharePoint debuted in 2001, companies saw it as an alternative to self-created intranet sites capable of sharing documents with fellow employees. As Microsoft moved to make all their services available online, SharePoint took its prominent place as part of their Office 365 suite. However, its still viewed as a tool for users to store […]

  • Tips to Prevent Data Loss

    Follow These Tips to Prevent Data Loss on O365

    Does Your Company Use Office 365? Make Sure You Follow These Tips to Prevent Data Loss There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the use of the cloud in recent years. Cloud computing increases a business’ efficiency, it helps reduce overhead costs, enables companies to be more flexible and it supports collaboration as well as communication. […]

  • Malware Protection & Attacks

    How to Protect from Malware Attacks How to Protect from Malware Protecting your company data is the most critical task your IT department has. This team of specialists works tirelessly to keep out intruders only to have their coworkers inadvertently let them differently. While your business may have many safeguards in place to catch and […]

  • Office 365 Malware Protection

    Malware Protection For Office 365 Malware Protect: Concerned about the safety of your data in Office 365? Sure, the program has built-in malware designed to protect emails and documents automatically from malware. Specifically, malware protection in Office 365 has innate filtering capacities designed to protect your data from malicious attacks. But is the native Office […]

  • Q&A: Backing Up Your G Suite Apps with CloudAlly’s G Suite Backup

    G Suite Backup Recovery Google’s G-Suite is only able to protect your data on the company’s end, meaning that if Google loses your information – say, in a disk failure – they will be able to recover it. On your end, though, if you lose data, you need third-party backup program like CloudAlly’s G Suite […]

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    GDPR – Do you need to worry about it?

    GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation EU’s New Standard for Consumer Privacy In April 2016, the EU decided it was time to update their current Data Protection Directive which became the standard in 1995. The outdated policy did not offer residents the level of protection so desperately needed in a world where information is available […]

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    Office 365 Exchange Backup Procedures and Third-Party Backup with CloudAlly’s Office 365 Exchange Backup

    Office 365 Exchange Online is an immensely effective app, but it has one significant issue. While Office 365 offers a few limited built-in and one-time recovery options for Exchange Online, the app does not have a workable backup feature that lets you recover emails after they have been deleted for over 30 days. Never fear, […]

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    Google Drive Down Worldwide: Averting Problems with Google Drive Backup

    G Suite Drive Down: Here’s the scenario: you get to work, ready to pull up the spreadsheet you’ve been working on from Google Drive. But there’s a problem: Google Drive is down. You wait. Check again. Google drive is still down, and it stays down. For over an hour. What are you going to do […]

  • Office 365: Threat Intelligence and Data Governance Tools

    Microsoft Office 365: Threat Intelligence and Data Governance Tools There is a lot that’s new about Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud version of its traditional desktop software. Some of the biggest new benefits have to do with two major pillars of an enterprise strategy: first, identifying and mitigating threats in a network, and second, establishing policies and […]

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